Whiskers Animal Rescue & Sanctuary (W.A.R.S.)


Is a cage-free (unless medically or safety required), free-roaming, indoor/outdoor sanctuary on almost 40 acres of fields, wooded areas, and a large pond. We pull primarily from high kill shelters, where animals on death row are in desperate need and help to re-home them. Those that are deemed unadoptable due to behavioral or medical issues are allowed to stay on at our sanctuary to live out their lives.

Our sanctuary stays full and there is a waiting list, but W.A.R.S. will help local people to re-home their unwanted pets, see our pet page.

W.A.R.S. was established in 2009 by Daren Watson after serving on several area Board of Directors for cat, dog, birds of prey and horse rescue for over 20 years. The new smaller and reorganized Board of W.A.R.S. decided to start their own group that could respond more efficiently and move faster in the arena of rescue and focus on the spay and neuter aspect as they felt that they could not adopt their way out of the senseless killing of healthy adoptable animals. And that spay and neuter was the best way to reduce senseless killing.