How To Help

Whiskers Animal Rescue and Sanctuary is very appreciative of any and all donations. Our greatest areas of need are volunteers. Please consider volunteering in one of our areas of need listed below.

Although we are very grateful for supply donations, dollar donations can go a lot further. Please consider making e
ven a small donation of $15 a month which will help tremendously to care for the pets while they are here waiting for their forever home. If you are unable to make a cash donation, please consider an item or two from our wish list below:

Committee members for:

  • Legal (understands the 501c3 issues) 
  • Marketing & Fundraising 
  • Accounting/Tax 
  • Business Advice and/or Mentorship

Volunteers can help with the following:

  • Foster Homes 
  • Animal Socialization
  • Adoption Counselors
  • Sanctuary Clean Up/Maintenance

Supplies greatly aprreciated:

  • Friskies wet cat food
  • Friskies "surf and turf" dry food
  • Purina indoor dry cat food
  • Cosco, Sam's, PetSense, Petsmart or Walmart gift cards
  • Cat Litter
  • Eco-friendly cleaning supplies
  • Wet dog food
  • Cash donations for an autoclave 
  • Stainless steel cages for the surgery suite
  • A building of at least 2000 square ft that has a back yard to walk dogs and room to build a dog kennel

In order to set up volunteer hours, please call Daren Watson at +1(843)455-6199 or email at
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